The revolutionary Fish Kit series offers the ultimate scissors for dry cutting and is favored by some of the best hairdressers around the world. The ruggedness of the ATS314 Hitachi steel gives the scissors a unique shape and sharpness that will take your slicing and thinning to a whole new level.

The Edges range consists of scissors that are forged from the finest high quality 440B & 440C steel and handmade according to Japanese production traditions. With this range, you get true value for money with solid quality scissors and superior sharpness for top professional cutting.

The EEGO range was developed to offer quality handmade scissors for newly educated hairdressers at a reasonable price. The kit features three scissors that are made from high quality Hitachi steel: A general-purpose scissor, a thinner and a serration scissor. The EEGO scissors are among the most ergonomic on the market, offering a uniquely curved and asymmetrical grip for extra comfort.


A high performance blade you can always rely on.

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