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Virginia Skiles
Generations Salon
I absolutely love my scissors from Serious About Scissors!!!! First & foremost is the care & education that is given by the team. They are not selling a product, they are selling knowledge about our craft. For years, I used 1 pair of scissors & got by, because of the creative nature of our business. I attended a 2 hour workshop at the Image Expo in Dallas & that is when I was first introduced to the differences of each scissor. The Marlin & Croc were my first 2 scissors to purchase. The Marlin glides through the hair with ease & the Croc removes bulk without removing length. Next, I purchased the Viper & Mantaray. The Viper is my go-to scissor for everyone & the Mantaray is awesome for straight, blunt cutting. I have attended additional training classes to perfect my knowledge using these scissors. Think of these scissors as an investment in your career & enjoy how much easier it is to create the look you are trying to achieve.

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