Not a word that is usually synonymous with scissor purchases. We are out to change that. Our approach is to educate all of our clients with a comprehensive, hands-on approach that will allow each user to become fluent in cutting & an expert on how the blade works. The difference in our company is, not only are we one of the top tier scissor companies in the world, but we educate our customers on how to use their scissors to get optimum results. Our scissors are designed to push the limits & drive the scissors through the hair using specialized cutting techniques. We believe that there is not a “one scissor does it all”. Additionally, we will educate all of our clients on how to get the most from their investment with proper maintenance and care. Properly maintained and used for their intended purpose, our scissors will last a lifetime.


Women’s Become A Master 1

$250 per person

This introductory course guides you through
the 360 degrees cutting concept concentrating
on dry cutting. You will learn how the cutting
angle makes a big difference when it comes
to personalizing a haircut, and you will learn
techniques that make your cutting faster, simpler
and more effective. The course also looks at
ergonomics and how to hold your scissors.

4,5 hours incl a 30-minute break.

Women’s Become A Master 2

$300 per person

This module takes the basic knowledge
from the first course and translates it into
personalising of individual styles. Excellent
Edges hairdressers will help turn your
ideas into reality and encourage you to
independently create different hairstyles.
This course focuses on developing your
skills concentrating on one haircut.

6 hours incl a 20-minute break.

Women’s Become A Master 3

$400 per person

The third module focuses on advancing and
refining your cutting skills and taking them to
the next level. Focusing on one haircut, this
course will teach you how to refine your creative
expression while cutting with perfect precision
and control.

7 hours incl two 20-minute breaks.

Women’s Become A Master 4

$500 per person

This is the most advanced stage where we
concentrate on perfecting your skills to give you
that final technical and creative edge. Two current
haircuts will be made, and you will learn every step
down to the very last detail. We recommend that
everyone who has already taken the first three two
modules to also take this final course in order to
really boost your skills.

9 hours incl three breaks (incl lunch)
of 60/70-minutes total.

Women’s Become A Master 5

$450 per person

This workshop will take you through one classical
hair-shape, where the focus is on section,
partings, combing and cutting angles. It will
give you a deeper inside understanding of how
important the foundation of a haircut is. We will
also work with finishing in dry hair, where texture
is important to achieve the correct personal look.

8 hours incl three breaks (incl lunch)
of 60/70-minutes total.

Curvy Cutting Introduction

$500 per person

Do you want to feel 110% confident when you cut
curly hair?
We all know the struggle and the challenges when
it comes to cutting and styling clients with curly
hair. How do you achieve a great result? How do
you make sure that the finished hair shape frames
the customer’s face? It is upside down to cut curly
hair compared to streight hair. Divisions, cutting
methods, styling of hair – getting the same results
requires different methods.
This course gives you insight into the world
of curls and enables you to cut curly hair with
significantly greater control and ability.

7 hours incl a 30-minute break

Curvy Cutting Next Level

$600 per person

This second module will focus on two curly
haircuts that you can take directly back to
your salon and use for your client.
One of the hairstyles will be created as a
combination so it can be styled curly or
straight, depending on the client’s wish on
the day.
We will also work on why its important to
use triangle section in the haircuts.

8 hours incl two 20-minute breaks

Men’s Become A Master 1

$300 per person

Our men’s cutting class encompasses the
elements of men’s cutting as well as traditional
barbering techniques such as scissor over comb
and beard cutting. We work with different classical
elements, and we will perform a variety of men’s

5 hours incl a 30-minute break.

Men’s Become A Master 1

$300 per person

The second course focuses on creative
expression and teaches you to translate
the basic techniques into personalized,
individual styles. This course also focuses
on varying techniques and we will perform
a variety of hairstyles.

5 hours incl a 30-minute break.

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