Every blade on our edges are finely crafted from the strongest materials to give you a lasting edge on a perfect instrument. All of our edges are created to exacting standards that include: Hitachi ATS314 Steel, Molybdenum, Vanadium, 440B and 440C Steel, and Handle Steel: 410 with a Lifetime Warranty.

Fish Kit

​The Fish Kit scissors are forged from the renowned Japanese Hitachi ATS-314. This level of metal provides you with an exceptional scissor capable of all types of cutting techniques. They include brands such as The Fish Kit and Cubic line scissors, and are the most advanced scissors you can buy in the hairdressing industry today. The scissors will slide and point cut like no others you have ever tried before. The Fish Kit will help you create exciting techniques and cuts, and provide a new look for your clients.

Barracuda is one of the best texturizers on the market. A 6″ blade with 30 radial teeth positions the hair to be cut precisely, guaranteeing maximum control and softness without serration. The uniquely shaped ‘tulip’ teeth allow you to create any type of haircut as well as excellent structure and movement. A finger rest on each handle allows you to turn the scissors to change the cutting angle. Also available in left hand.

Crocodile is truly an amazing pair of scissors, that is often mistaken for being too aggressive because of its looks. But appearances can be deceptive; these are actually some of the softest texturizers in the range. The teeth design makes for a versatile pair of scissors that can be used for slicing, chopping, blunt cutting as well as ‘scissor over comb’ work. The soft finger rests makes it easy to turn the scissors to cut from a different angle. Crocodile is the perfect pair of scissors for the creative hairdresser. Also available in left hand.

Marlin Big Mouth scissors are perfect for dry cutting and, as the sharpest in the world, they are the ultimate tool for slicing and separation. Thanks to a unique shape, with the right technique, the scissors can also be used to create volume and movement. It is recommended that the Marlin Big Mouth scissors are only used by dry cutting specialists or hairdressers with experience using the other Fish Kit scissors. Also available in left hand.

Sting Ray is a premium pair of scissors for blunt cutting. With two distinctly different shaped blades, the scissors don’t allow the hair to push when being cut. Thanks to this unique & revolutionary design, the scissors can cut around corners & create curves. If you often work on men’s cuts & scissor over comb, the Sting Ray is a must-have tool that you don’t want to live without. Also available in left hand.

Wahoo are an extremely precise pair of scissors, that is exceptional for point cutting in dry hair. The blade angles & the mountain blade mean that the power lies in the tip of the scissors. The blades are made with Htachi ATS314 steel.

Excellent Edges

The Premium collection consists of the original Excellent Edges scissors & they still remain the most popular. These Premium scissors are made with high quality Hitachi steel & are designed to deliver longevity & superior cutting. These are the perfect choice for the no-compromise hairdressers.

Glider Viper: an innovative pair of all-round scissors with a geometric design that makes for a fierce cutting performance with less friction in both wet and dry hair. The scissors combine a partial mountain blade with very angular shaped blades for superb chipping attributes. The thick, rounded and uniquely comfortable handle ensures perfect balance and control. Also available in left hand.

Manta Ray: the ultimate tool for ultra precise blunt cutting. Since the scissors have a curved tip, extra sharp & slim blades, they do not push the hair, creating a true blunt line. The blades are made with Hitachi 440CM steel and are perfect for the “Sassoon trained stylist.”


​The Edges range of scissors are forged from 440B & 440C steel, which we believe to be the minimum requirement for professional hairdressing scissors. Edges are made from selected forged steel, ergonomic design and handmade edges, that will guarantee a scissor that will cut properly and last.

Edges BK is one of our most popular models. It delivers superior comfort and control with it’s ergonomically offset position, smaller finger holes and a clamshell edge. The curved finger rests and the handle proportions make for perfect balance and an extra soft grip. Also available in left hand.

​​Edges BM: Here’s a pair of scissors that are seriously handy and comfortable to use. The weight distribution is perfect, and the single swivel handle that adjusts to your fingers prevents fatigue and reduces the risk of tenosynovitis. The 47-degree blade makes the scissors perfect for point and chip cutting. Also available in left hand.

BC70: The BC is a traditional Japanese style scissor & they are excellent for barbering. This 7 inch scissor is perfect for scissor over comb & the ergonomically designed handle & finger rests ensure a perfect balance. Blades are made with Hitachi 440CM steel with an extra high concentration of radium & cobalt.

Hawk is a versatile pair of scissors for point cutting and chipping. It has an offset handle with a mountain blade that acts like a spine and adds rigidity. This makes for a softer cut. Also available in left hand. *The scissors are not designed for blunt cutting.

Angel are classic thinning and texturizing scissors. They have an opposed handle with two finger rests that enables you to turn the scissors for a soft thinning cut. This model is excellent for ‘scissors over comb’ cutting. Also available in left hand.


EEGO: The EEGO range was developed to offer quality handmade scissors for newly educated hairdressers at a very good price. This kit features three scissors that are made from high quality Hitachi steel: a general-purpose scissor, a thinner and a blunt cutting scissor with a serrated blade. The EEGO scissors are among the most ergonomic on the market, offering a uniquely curved and asymmetrical grip for extra comfort.

​First Edges are entry level scissors made from 440B with a matte satin finish. This kit is perfect for hairdressers just getting started in the industry. We strongly believe it is important to start work with good tools to avoid developing bad cutting habits. You could not have a better start to your cutting career.

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